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Neck Pain:

Neck pain can come on suddenly with a turn of the neck, occur from an accident or slowly get worse over time. Either way it is debilitating and painful. For years I have seen patients with varying degrees of pain due to their neck. The patient’s history can tell a story. Previous accidents, collision sports, sleeping habits and computer use are just a few situations that can cause neck problems.

Chiropractic has a long history of being incredibly effective in helping patients with neck pains. If you are having any problems please call us today.

Neck pain can be like having stiff joints in the morning or hearing grinding noises when you move. Sometimes your joints will be swollen and red or the discs between your vertebrae may be thinner than normal. The problem with Arthritis is the calcium deposits can interfere with the nerves as well as the body’s movement. If this happens you may experience nerve pain radiating into an arm or leg.

Arthritis poses some problems when treating a patient. Many times areas won’t move as well as patients remember they did when they were younger. If the patient is older and has Osteoporosis, then various techniques have to be used to protect the patient’s bones and yet still be beneficial.

Heat and electric stim, along with exercises and adjusting is helpful to restore motion to its best we can achieve. Maintaining movement and flexibility is important to delaying any further progression or arthritic changes in the body.

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