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Many times I treat patients for pains that they have unknowingly created themselves. Part of being a Doctor of Chiropractic is to not only help you regain your health and be pain free, but to teach you how to better care for yourself on an everyday basis.

We all do things wrong that when you add them up can really take a toll on our bodies. We all have been guilty of carrying in 10 bags of groceries in one hand while the other has the key in it, the physical demands of sports, sitting at a computer all day, auto accidents, sleeping positions, picking up our kids, to taking out the trash first thing in the morning.

Without proper knowledge and instruction, we have never been taught on how to do life’s tasks without damaging our bodies either immediately or over time, which are considered micro traumas.

As my patient I will try to eliminate your bad habits and help prevent you from having relapses. On the grander scale, I can help evaluate your business to ensure the least amount of injuries and keep the work force strong and productive.

Take some time to browse my website, email me at or call the office at 301-863-BEST (2378). The information on this site should help you make an educated decision about your health.

My book, Back At Your Best, is available at or through this website. It is filled with great advice for everyday people, in simple terms, with pictures, explanations, ergonomic solutions and easy ways to live a healthier life. For more great tips or ideas, schedule me for your next meeting or seminar. I have lectured at Syracuse University, done radio shows and television interviews.