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Stress and Muscle Tension:

What separates our office from other Chiropractic offices is the attention we give to muscle problems. Adjusting the spine may relieve a subluxation, and/or nerve root irritation, but it will not correct muscle spasm or stress you are under. The point here is that many muscles attach to the spine. If you just move the spine the tight muscles will pull everything out again.

Considering the stress we are all under, it’s no wonder everyone has muscle tightness and knots in their back called trigger points. Stress can raise your blood pressure and release fats and cholesterol into your body. It’s like taxes in that it is unavoidable. How you deal with it can vary as well. You can try things like taking a nap, working out, avoiding the traffic on 235, stay away from the boss or a family member, reduce your smoking and coffee habits just to name a few. One thing everyone should try is seeing the chiropractor. Having some muscle work done to relax the body and then correcting your alignment can really help.

Perhaps a 15 minute massage on our hydrotherapy table will do the trick. It really loosens up my back. That’s why I got it, but you can use it too.

Most of us get tightness in our upper back. Some get headaches or pain in the low back. Others can just feel worn down because their muscles are tight and causing the body to work against it. You may experience a decrease in your range of motion also due to muscles being tight.

Some muscle tightness will cause knots to form and become trigger points. These little taut bands can refer intense pain anywhere in the body as if a nerve was being aggravated.

This is why we utilize certain modalities such as muscle stimulation, hot moist packs, massage therapy and flexion/distraction. These ancillary procedures along with a chiropractic adjustment will promote the best possible environment for proper tissue repair. Working on the muscles and adjusting the bones attached to them is the only way to reduce and end muscle fatigue. Next we have to work on correcting your posture and strengthening the weak muscles. This will make you more balanced.