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Weight Control:

Almost, everyone battles with their weight at some point in their life. Unfortunately many companies know this and prey on your insecurities with contraptions and gimmicks on TV. They use fitness models that trains 4 hours a day and have a chef prepare their food. It is impossible to set these goals on yourself knowing the lawn has to get cut, kids need help with their homework, work is calling, shopping, etc. What we need to do is set realistic goals for you.

First thing we’ll do is aim for losing 1 – 2 pounds a week to start because that is a safe number. It didn’t come on over night and it isn’t going to disappear easily either. Taking magic pills or trying ridiculous diets will only hurt your internal organs in the long run and leave you short of your goal.

I don’t believe in a set weight for the body. We all can look in the mirror and see where we have some extra pounds or realize our pants are a little tighter. Government standards for one thing, do not take into account that muscle weighs more than fat. According to them, I have been overweight my entire life. So let’s get real and start slow but be consistent. The real benefit will be your clothes fit better; your heart works easier and your knees have less stress on them for starters.

Next we will discuss your current diet and see where we can tweak some foods, how we can shop smarter, how to read labels, etc. In order to succeed with any type of diet, you must understand that it is a change of lifestyle in which you are making certain sacrifices to achieve personal goals; in addition to becoming a healthier person. I will let you eat chocolate chip cookies, just not 8 at a time and not 4 times a week. You should be able to eat whatever you want in MODERATION as long as you compliment it with a steady diet of EXERCISE!

Schedule a consultation today and bring some friends. We will discuss what you can do to lose pounds and become a healthier person.

“Increased body fat, weak muscles and a shrinking skeleton are all simply the result of
being less active as we grow older.”
- William Evan, PhD

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